Weekly Devotional

Week of August 3rd

I enjoy poetry and sometimes take the opportunity to write some lines myself, below are a couple I wish to share:

Oh Lord, My God
Remember me and do not forget me.
It is You that Saved, with Your mercy and grace;
So that I might live in Your perfect will. 

May it be that I might return to the innocence of 
My youth.  Not just to cleanliness only but 
To the complete reliance upon You, the Wisdom of the ages.  

Help me to return to my trust in You.
Why is it that the more learned
I become, the less  that I am sure of?

Could it be that my ways seem higher than Yours’
Only until I fall and realize that in You,
O Lord, is my strength? 

When I am weak, You are strong! 
Until I reach that realization, all my
Existence is as barren as the fig tree
That has withered. 

As the eyes of my heart become opened I 
Feel my very being soaring as if on 
Eagles wings. 

My soul is soaring because I have found my way,
My will in Yours.  

Oh, Lord, you are my comforter.
Slow me down, so I can see you, hear you and sense your presence. 
In my rapid rush throughout the day,
Give me a peace to believe that you are here. 
Slow me down for a few quiet moments – to
Connect, to see, to hear that you are near.
During my restless and long filled chore days 
May I take moments to magnify your name and
To know I am your servant in this world. 

Be my guide, my comforter in times when I
Feel all alone and can’t go on. 
Give me restful sleep and remove the hectic pace I keep. 
Fill my soul with gratitude and thankfulness that 
There is work to be done – it can wait until 
Tomorrows sun. 
Slow me down Lord today, to look around
To see your beauty, 
Fix my eyes on you and what you place in my heart 
Give me a new start. 
Thank you, Lord for being my comforter and 
Keeping your eye on me.    I need you!

Everyone is welcome at Archdale Friends Meeting. Each individual is loved and respected. There is that of God in each person and we desire to help each person find the path to Christ and His salvation.