I've always felt like I needed a plan. Not that I'm the most organized person,
(shocker, I'm not), but I have always appreciated the illusion of control and
"knowing what to do next" has always made me feel better. No matter
what the situation, as long as there's a plan, I tend not to worry. As a
Clinician, I know why I do this. I don't like to be out of control because that
makes me vulnerable. In my defense there has been a lot to happen to my
family that was way out of my control, so having a back up plan helps me get
through the day. Knowing that no matter what happens, we have a plan of attack.
 I fear that I'm not alone. The world is full of what we might call
"control freaks". Chances are you know or work with someone that does
this. These 'control freaks' don't do it on purpose, but out of a misplaced
since of insecurity. These more often then not, are the people that play
the 'what-if' game a lot.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing
wrong with being prepared. There is however, something wrong with trying
to control everyone and everything so that you never get hurt.  

Enter my favorite bible Character, jumping Jehoshaphat! Picture this, Judah is
about to get demolished, they are surrounded on each side by people that want
to kill them and they are vastly out numbered. Right before calamity
begins, Jehoshaphat, King of Judah gets up before the assembly and prays my
favorite prayer in all of scripture,  "We have no power to face
this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes
are on you." Right when Jehoshaphat thought their collective gooses were
cooked, he didn't meet with his advisers or try to bolster his army. He didn't
raise taxes or bribe another country to fight for them, he simply stated
their weakness and sought God for help. 

The moral of the story is simple. We cannot plan for everything. We will never be
able to be in control of enough things to keep us from getting hurt. However,
if we keep our eyes on HIM, he wont let us down. 

Brandon Dockery 

Everyone is welcome at Archdale Friends Meeting. Each individual is loved and respected. There is that of God in each person and we desire to help each person find the path to Christ and His salvation.