Our History

The Religious Society of Friends began in England in 1652. Friends, known as "Quakers," sought to rediscover early Christianity through daily Bible readings and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These early Friends met in silence, or "Open Worship" and were led by the Holy Spirit to bring a message or sermon. Friends Meetings did not have a paid minister - each Meeting was responsible to lead a Christ-centered worship.

Archdale Friends was established by Springfield Friends Meeting in 1924 and has remained faithful to Christ while serving our community and neighbors. We have experienced several expansions since our first meetinghouse and today we are fortunate to continue worshiping on the very grounds of our ancestors. We have a preschool and after school program and our youth meet on a regular basis for personal and spiritual growth.

Everyone is welcome at Archdale Friends Meeting. Each individual is loved and respected. There is that of God in each person and we desire to help each person find the path to Christ and His salvation.