Sunday at Archdale Friends

Sunday School for all ages -10am

worship - 11am

Sunday School meets every week at 10 a.m.

+ Children's Sunday School Class*

+ Youth Sunday School Class*

+ Young Adult Sunday School Class

+ Isaac Harris Class (For Adults)

+ Genesis Class (For Adults)

+ John Archdale Class (For Seniors)

*see below for ages


1st Sunday- Jenifer Langston

2nd Sunday- Nan York

3rd Sunday- Miranda Labonte

4th Sunday-(Volunteer Needed)

*5th Sunday- Children remain in worship with parents


1st Sunday- Herb Andrews

2nd Sunday- Herb Andrews

3rd Sunday- Herb Andrews

4th Sunday- Herb Andrews

*5th Sunday is an intergeneration Sunday Lesson for all ages. Meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Children Sunday School

Nursery - age 3

Age 4 through Kindergarten  

Elementary age children 6-10

Everyone is welcome at Archdale Friends Meeting. Each individual is loved and respected. There is that of God in each person and we desire to help each person find the path to Christ and His salvation.