Devotional for November 2021

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It is the season of thanksgiving. 

We have much to be thankful for. After a season of seeking, praying and waiting, our church has called a new pastoral team. In our own family, my husband's leg is healing from his accident on the Appalachian Trail. Of course, there are losses, too. Some faithful members of our church have gone on to be with the Lord--our loss, their gain. Life is made up of wins and losses--but with every loss, there is a victory to be gained through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Back to the season of thanksgiving...I sometimes think the most important decision we make on a daily basis is where we put our focus. As we stumble through our day, life often gets in the way and we totally miss or overlook the good things that come along. In honor of the season, I want to invite you to join me in this challenge:

Each day, for the next 30 days, focus intently on one thing you are thankful for.

Make a list. Number a sheet of paper 1 - 30, leaving a blank space beside each number. If you're like me, you can't stand blank spaces, so you will force yourself to fill it in. If you miss a day and it takes more than 30 days to do it, that's okay. Wins/losses. Try to come up with a different thing to be thankful for each day. It can be as small as "I made up my bed today" or "Someone smiled at me and it lifted my spirits.” Anytime you are tempted to be discouraged that day, bring your attention back to the thing you are thankful for. Focus intently on it for the next 24 hours. Then find a new thing to be thankful for the next day. 

It's like a seed--it keeps reproducing itself, you'll see!

Now let's begin...

...Well, you get the idea. 

Happy filling in the blanks & Happy Thanksgiving! 



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